Az Ön logisztikai igényei - gondosságra szabva
Rövidítések a szállítmányozásban
AGS Aden Gulf Surcharge
AMS American Security Filing Surcharge
ASF American Security Filing
ATF Anti Terror Fee
BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor
BAS Basic Oceanfreight
BSC Bunker Surcharge (see BAF)
B/L Bill of Lading
CAD Cash Against Delivery
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor
CBM Cubic Metre (1 cubic metre = 35,314 cubic feet)
CDD Submission of Cargo Declaration - Import
C&F Cost and Freight
CFS Container Freight Station
CFR Cost and Freight
CH Carrier`s Haulage
CHB Customs House Broker
CIF Cost, Insurance and Freight
CISF China Import Service Fee
CITES Committee on International Trade of Endangered Species
C/N Consignment Note
CNY Chinese Yuan / Renmimbi
CNY Chinese New Year = Lunar New Year
CPT Carriage paid to (named place of destination)
CRC Container repositioning contriburion (drop off)
CSF Congestion Surcharge Fee
CUC Chassis Usage Surcharge
CU.FT Cubic foot (1,728 cubic inches)
CY Container Yard
DAF Delivered At Frontier
DDF Destination Documentation Fee
DDP Delivered duty paid. Also known as "free domicile."
DDU Delivered duty unpaid.
DEQ Delivered Ex Quay (Duty Paid) and fees. 
DES Delivered Ex Ship
DGN Dangerous Goods Note
DGR Dangerous Goods Regulation
DHC Destination terminal handling charge
D/O Delivery order fee / Drop off fee
DTF Documentation transfer fee
EDS Export Declaration Surchrge
EMF Equipment management service
ENS Entry Summary Declaration
ERC Equipment Repositioning Surcharge
ERS Emergency Risk Surcharge
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival.
ETD Estimated Time of Departure.
ETS Estimated Time of Sailing
EUR Euro
EWB Express Waybill
FAS Fuel Additional Surcharge
FAS Free Alongside Ship
FAK Freight All Kinds
FBY Free buyers yard
FCA Free Carrier
FCL Full container load
FCR Forwarders Certificate of Receipt
FE Far East
FEU Forty foot equivalent
FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations
FILO Free in, liner out
FIO Free in and out
FIOS Free in and out and stowed
FIOT Free in and out and trimmed
FOB Free on Board
FOC Free of Charge
FOD Free of damage
FOT Free on truck
FTL Full Trailer Load / Full Truck Load
GRI General Rate Increase
GRT Gross Register Tons
HAWB House Airwaybill
HB\L House Bill of Lading
H/C High Cube (Container)
H/C Handling Charge
HSC Harmonized System Code
HKD Hong Kong Dollar
IATA International Air Transport Association.
ICC International Chamber of Commerce
IDR Indian Rupiah
IMO International Maritime Organisation (IMCO)
ISF Import Security Filing
ISO International Standards Organization
ISPS International Security Port Surcharge
JIT Just in Time
KFF Koper Forwarding Fee
KRW Korean Won
L/C Letter of Credit
LIFO Liner in, Free out
LILO Liner in, liner out or full liner terms
LOI Letter of Indemnity
LTL Less than a truckload
MED Mediterran
M/H Merchant haulage
MV Motor Vessel
M/W Measurement / Weight
MYR Malaysian Ringgit
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement
NAWC North-America West Coast
NVOCC Non-Vessel Operation Common Carrier
NWC North West Coast
O/C On-Carriage
ODF Origin documentation fee
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development
OF Oceanfreight
OHC Origin terminal handling charge
OPA Transport arbitrary origin
OT Open Top (Container)
OVW Overweight
OWS Overweight Surcharge
PAE Port Additionals / Port Dues – Export
POA Power of Attorney
POD Port of Discharge
POD Proof of Delivery
POL Port of Loading
POD Port of discharge / Port of destination / Place of delivery
POL Port of loading
PP Charge Prepaid
PPD Prepaid
PRS Piracy Risk Surcharge
PSE Port Security Service – Export
PSI Port Security Service – Import
PSS Peak Season Surcharge
PUP Pick up fee
REACH Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals
RRS Rate Restoration
RORO Roll on - Roll off
SBF Standard Bunker Adjustment Factor
SCS Suez Canal Surcharge
SER Carrier Security Service
STT Suez Canal Fee
SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications
USD U.S. Dollar
TAD Transport Additional
TEU Twenty foot equivalent unit
THB Thai Baht
THC Terminal Handling Charge
TWD New Taiwan Dollar
VAT Value-Added-Tax
VATOS Valid at time of shipment
WFC Wharfage fee